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Welcome to EV2, an unparalleled frontier where cutting-edge technology meets the remnants of an ancient civilization. Face the struggle to survive an alien infestation from otherworldly creatures that traverse realms, seeking to drain Earth's life force. Humanity finds an unexpected ally in their struggle against darkness: the Everbeast, an immortal deity guiding the resistance. Enhance your EV2 suit with powerful abilities to reclaim what was once yours in this MMORPG. Will you save the planet or relinquish it to the alien scourge?

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EV2 character is flying through the location
The hardest challenges are the most satisfying

Fight epic bosses, show your skills in such game modes as Deadly Mist, Havoc, Survivor - Last Man Staning, and get epic loot as a reward.

Fly me to the moon...

Ev2 offers a vast open world that you can traverse on foot or by using high-power thrusters. Fly through the devastated landscapes of Earth and see where the mission takes you.

EV2 character
Suit up, lock and load!

EV2 is a looter-shooter set in the frontier where cutting-edge technology meets the remnants of an ancient civilization. Defend humanity against a relentless global infestation of the Hive.

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